Introducing the New CD "Back in the Game"

Stories of my life told through several different musical styles: country, Christian, funk jazz, bluegrass, and rhythm and blues.
something for everyone!

I knew at the age of seven that music would be my life's passion. I started writing songs as a teenager and played in my first rock band in high school. After high school I studied music in Boston and then moved to Los Angeles where I lived and worked for 15 years. Next, I moved to San Diego where I founded a music school and enjoyed sharing my love of music and teaching the advanced program for 10 plus years. But, it's now in this later chapter in my life that I'm enjoying music the most. I'm free to write what I want and record it in the style I want. I'm working with top level musicians and recording in a state of the art recording studio. The songs tell the story of my life as it unfolds. I hope you find some enjoyment in my music.

G.D. Crocker

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